Ellie watched the same episode of Blue's Clues for about the 80th time this morning. After Blue's Clues was over, there was a little 5 minute bit featuring the Noggin characters Moose and Zee. They showed how they spelled their names "Moose A. Moose, but people just call me Moose, and Z-E-E." Ellie must have picked up on this, and was at the refrigerator this evening with her alphabet magnets, looking for how to spell Zee. Sure enough, she found the Z and two E's, and spelled it out just right. She knows how to spell her own name now, after much prodding, but this was completely out of the blue. I'm still in shock.

Today was Ellie's last day of her first year at preschool. Next year she starts going three days a week for half-days. We've been trying to explain to her that school is over for the summer and that she's not going to have the same teacher next year. More importantly, we're trying to tell her that sometimes, Mom will need to get stuff down during the week and that she needs to play by herself for that time. Not sure that she's getting that message. She's off with Mom and Evan at Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate the last day right now.
Here's Ellie and her best friend Stella after their May Day performance. May Day is the preschool's annual show, where each class performs a song and dance routine. Lots of fun. I do have video, but I've been really really bad about putting videos up. Maybe I'll get some time in 10 years or so...
In the meantime, here are some more pictures from our block party. You have to dig through them all to get to the ones of Ellie though, since they're not my pictures.