Ellie has been doing quite the medley of holiday music lately. Today at school, she learned about Hanukkah, including the song "I Have a Little Dreidel." Here's her version:

"Dreidel, dreidel, dreidel, I made it out of:
Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer;

Ellie has enough winter coats to clothe the Russian army right now, but she doesn't have any neck protection. We've been looking around for a kid's "gaiter," which is like a scarf with the ends sewn together, and we came across Cozee Critters. Seriously, how cute are those things? We also found them locally at LL Bean, but they only had the moose one, and Ellie wanted the purple bunny. So we went ahead and ordered the three-piece purple bunny set on Tuesday. They charged us $6 shipping, but after mailing all my packages at the post office, I realized how expensive shipping is, and wondered how Amazon and the like get away with free shipping on everything.
This morning, I decided to check on the order and got an error. I sent off an email to them, and 15 minutes later, I got a response. Our order had been sent out via Fedex yesterday and will be here tomorrow! Wow. Now that's what I call customer service. So here's my recommendation to you people with kids living in cold areas: buy your kids a Cozee Critter for Christmas. This didn't apply to us, but I think shipping is free if you order over $40 worth or something like that. Obviously, you can still order today, and it will be at your house in plenty of time for Christmas. They are very cute, and will help keep your kids warm through the winter weather.

Yesterday, while I was home for a couple of hours before having to head back to work to interview a bunch of people for a job fair, Ellie and her friend Daniel were in our basement jumping on the trampoline. I flipped on the Korbel Elite Curling Challenge, which I had Tivo-ed over the weekend. After I was watching for about 5 minutes, Ellie heard the rocks roaring, and saw the rings on the TV, and stopped jumping on the trampoline and came over to watch curling with me.
I love my little girl!