Catching up on a couple of weeks of art class. Lisa took Ellie to art class to make this first piece.

Can you guess what she used as a "paintbrush" to make it?

I took Ellie to make this one, but she was feeling crummy and sick, so we ended up leaving a little bit early, otherwise the finger puppet may have been decorated a bit more liberally and creatively. Not bad nonetheless.

Oh, and the previous art class inspiration? Wassily Kandinsky.

It's catchup time for all of Ellie's recent art. Not really trivia so much, but feel free to leave a comment saying what you think each piece looks like.

The week after the worst art class, the head of Abrakadoodle subbed for the class when Lisa took Ellie. She felt really bad after reading Lisa's email, so I think this was as far away from markers as she could think of to do.

Of course, the next week was freakin markers again, but at least there was pasting too. Ellie loves the blue glue stick. It goes on blue, so it looks like she's coloring with it, but it dries clear.

The following week was one of the better ones. Pasting AND painting. Ellie made a huge mess, which was the entire point of art class: make a mess someone else has to clean up because we don't want the mess at home on our carpets!
Bonus points if you can identify the artist who inspired the last piece.

Ellie was totally trashed for the first time last night. Luckily, it wasn't wine in the sippy cup, and we were able to walk her home without much trouble. No, in this case, it was M&M's from our neighbors across the street.
We had our weekly Ceili Dancing class last night, and dropped Ellie off around 7pm. When we got back to pick her up just before 9pm, her face was covered in chocolate, and she was clinging to a green M&M. Naturally, this was to be expected, after all, our neighbors are grandparents, and that's what grandparents do best: load kids up with sugar, then ship them back to their parents before the crash comes.
Ellie finally finished her M&M and said goodbye and pointed across the street and said "I go home to Ellie's house now." OK, fine, she does that a lot. Then we walked past our neighbor's car, and she says "That's Nana Marge's car." OK, fine, she does that sometimes too. But then in the space of the 100 feet to cross the street and get back into our house, she continues yelling these phrases and others, back to our neighbors, who are standing in the doorway, as we drag her across the street. I swear, if you didn't know any better, you'd have said she was drunk. It was hilarious. And at least she didn't try to drive in that state.