Ellie and Lisa had a rough day yesterday. Ellie is still getting over a cold, and she's been pretty moody lately. I left for work before she woke up on Monday, and she was complaining about that all day. It didn't get better when I had to go to curling that night. On the positive side though, there's usually a bright spot or two in the day that keeps Lisa going.
Yesterday, Lisa was trying to get some things done in the office, when it got suddenly quiet. Never a good sign with a toddler. Lisa called out for Ellie to come into the office, and Ellie comes wandering in with something on her nose. Lisa looks and sees that Ellie has been rummaging through the diaper bag, and asks Ellie what's on her nose. Ellie replies "Lotion." Apparently her nose was hurting, so she decided to put lotion on. Except it wasn't lotion, it was Desitin. the diaper rash ointment. Lisa says, "No, that's butt cream, not lotion." (we are very frank about our body parts and functions in our house now) And Ellie just goes, "Aw, man!" It's like she's five already.
Later on, Ellie was pouting again and wanted to be picked up. She can be very demanding when she's cranky, and we're trying to get her to be more polite, if nothing else. So when she demands something, we try to get her to say please, and then thank you when she gets it. This time it was, "Momma pick me up." "Where's the please Ellie?" Ellie points over to the corner, "Over there."
The little things, they keep you going.

We decorated our house for Christmas this weekend. Part of our decorations if the Fisher-Price Little People nativity (batteries removed) that Ellie gets to play with. She's named all the animals, and makes sure that Baby Jesus is in the manger so that he doesn't get cold or anything.
Last night, we were on our way home from curling. Ellie had been feeling crummy all day, just stuffy nose, etc. She had water in her sippy cup, which had previously held orange juice, so it must have tasted funny. She was chatting away in the backseat, driving us nuts of course because she wouldn't shut up, when she asked, "Ellie have wine?" (We do occasionally give her a few drops of wine in her water when we have some for dinner) Lisa responded, "Not unless you can turn water into wine like Jesus." Ellie replied simply, "Ellie is Baby Jesus?"
Our child the Savior of the world, in her own mind anyway.

I discovered that Ellie is smarter than we thought. On Wednesday night, Lisa was off at choir practice, and I was home with Ellie. We were reading books, and Ellie brought over her favorite book, "Busy Doggies." And as I started to read it, she said, "No! Ellie read it!" So I said, "OK, go ahead," figuring she would just turn the pages. Then, to my surprise, she started reading it! "Busy doggies, what they doing? Doggies greeting, doggies eating." Holy cow! She must have memorized the whole thing after reading it so often. She made it through the whole book, with just a little prompting from me (I had to correct her "Doggie in da water" to "Doggie diving", but that was about it). She continues to amaze us every day.

I'm hesitant to say anything about this, because you know how I jinx things...
Ellie has now gone pee on the potty twice! We haven't been trying to teach her or anything. She has a potty, and we encourage her when it seems like she needs to go, but we don't strip her and plop her down or anything like that. Anyway, she's now gone on the potty twice in two days. Pretty exciting stuff.

Ellie was definitely more into Halloween this year than last year. Last year, she was content to sit in the wagon and eat chocolate. This year, she was running from the wagon to the door yelling "Twick oh Tweat!"
Ellie dressed up as a bride this year. She wore Lisa's christening gown and a veil. At first, she wasn't too keen on the veil, but later on, while trick-or-treating, it fell off occasionally, and she made sure to let everyone know, "My hat! My hat!" We went trick-or-treating with our friends Brendan (the astronaut) and Claire (LSU Tigers cheerleader).

I'm going to regret this one later, and probably cry about it when she gets married, but for now, it's just very cute. The blushing bride ready to throw the bouquet.

The astronaut, the cheerleader, and the bride.

Ready to get some candy! The ladybug at the door is Ellie's other friend, Stella.

Sharing the loot. Good stuff for kids and dads!