Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that they are having a second session on Saturdays, so this is the last art trivia, at least for a while.
Last week's two answers: fireworks (the black paper), and aliens. I would have also accepted amoebas, paramecium, etc instead of aliens.
This week, it was back to painting with hand prints. We also used stamps, so it hopefully should be obvious what is up in the top right hand corner. But can you guess what we made using our hand prints (and three extra fingers)?

Sorry for the delay in getting this week's art trivia up. In this week's edition, the color of the paper matters, the frame does not, and that's all the hints you get. Oh, and it's not an animal.

[Sorry for putting this one out of place. And I realize some people may have already gotten the answer. Sorry for that too]

Last week's trivia is right above this week's. Forgot to publish that one, my bad...

This week's will either be really easy or really hard. Don't make it harder than it needs to be. It's not meant to be a lion or anything that Ellie just made abstract. This one is purposefully abstract. The teacher watered down a little tempera paint, which we spooned out onto the paper. Then, we picked up the paper, and made the paint slide around the page. I outlined the figures, and Ellie chose the spots for the eyes, and voila, instant masterpiece.

What's your guess? There really are no stupid guesses this week.

The artist next to her latest masterpiece. If you would like your own personal "Ellie", she doesn't work free. Commissions start at the low price of paying for her college education and will be signed and numbered, and come with a certificate of authenticity.

Ellie got a Scooby Doo cookie kit a while back as a gift. Lisa was watching her friend Claire for the day yesterday, and they decided to make the Scooby cookies to pass the time. Lisa showed them how to do it, and let them go. You can definitely see the contrast in styles in the results.

Claire gets to work decorating.

Ellie gets to work decorating... er... Snacking.

Claire's finished cookies. For the most part the eyes, nose and mouth are in the right place.

Ellie's finished cookies (the one in the top left was Lisa's example cookie). She's obviously inspired by Picasso.

The cookies taste good either way!

I know you were disappointed that there was no new art this week. Luckily, Ellie made some impromptu art for the fridge. Or rather, of the fridge. Thankfully, it was her play fridge, and everything came off easily.

Sorry to disappoint, but there was no art class this weekend. I was as surprised as you are, since we went all the way there and found out there was some "Bead Bazaar" thing going on. Who knew that beads were so popular? We'll be back next week with more art...