Ellie had a blast Father's Day weekend at her first Yankee game. It didn't hurt that the Yankees won too!

The grounds crew does the YMCA while raking the infield.

Uncle John, Ellie's godfather, was in town for a choir tour and went to the game with us. So Ellie got to celebrate Father's Day with Daddy, God-daddy, and Pa (grand-daddy). Not too shabby.

Ellie picked the right shirt to wear to the game. It was a "Grand Slam" shirt, with the number 7. Derek Jeter hit his first grand slam ever to make the score 7-1 at the time. Coincidence? I think not. She was obviously pretty excited about Jeter. She gets that from her mom. You don't realize what a joy having a child is, until you're on your way home on a crowded subway train, and she spontaneously starts clapping and chanting "Jeeta Jeeta!" That's her version of the Stadium chant of "Derek! Jeter!" Pretty much put a smile on the faces of everyone on the train, even in New York.

Ellie's now looking forward to cheering on the Nationals to a win tomorrow against the Mets!