During our visit, we did manage to squeeze in some pool time.

Ellie loved floating around in the tube. Actually, she loved it when I lifted the tube out of the water and made her splash back down in the pool. Later, she would stand on the edge of the pool and jump into my arms. Our little daredevil.

The Miami Seaquarium wasn't quite Ellie's cup of tea. Their place revolved a lot more around their shows, like the Flipper dolphin show, or the sea lion show. Ellie didn't much want to sit still for a show. She prefered the playground, and this sea lion fountain that cleaned off her pacifier, and occasionally would shoot water several feet in the air.

That's a giant whale tail! Or just one small kid. Note the tan lines as well. We have no idea where she gets that from, certainly not either of her pasty-white parents, but she got a nice tan, even with all the sunscreen we slathered on her.

Bye bye beach!

There's a bunch more pictures in the gallery, because I didn't want to clutter up her page too much with all beach and Miami pictures. Enjoy!

The weather finally cleared up enough by Friday for us to go to the Parrot Jungle. Ellie was very interested in the monkeys, but little else.

One of the many parrots in the jungle. We had to get the hat for Ellie.

You could pet the parrots too, but Ellie didn't much care for that.

Baby alligator? Ho hum.

Now baby monkeys! There's something to get excited about. The Parrot Jungle had twins, and they were about the same age as Ellie. Ellie's the one on the left.

Ellie doing her monkey impersonation.

Lisa feeding the llamas.

The coolest part was the free-flying parrots. Here's one just after it swooped over our heads!

Ellie had a blast during our recent trip to Miami.

Our first trip to the beach was a little rainy.

Not sure how we achieved this effect, but it's pretty appropriate.

Ellie turned it into a nude beach after getting overwhelmed by a wave.

Footprints in the sand.

Every morning at Mimi's house, we had to go out and feed the overly aggressive ducks. I swear they saw us and started snapping their fingers, West Side Story style, as they came toward us. A couple tried to eat my sandals even!

During the crummy weather that greeted us (courtesy Tropical Storm Arlene), Ellie still wanted to go outside all the time. She made do by hanging out on the balcony under cover.

Still to come, the Parrot Jungle, Miami Seaquarium and swimming in the pool.