Ellie is growing up too fast! She pushes her babies around in their little stroller, even making sure to put them back nicely when they fall out (as they inevitably do). Now, she's wearing Mama's shoes around the house. They're huge, of course, but she still manages to walk around pretty well.

Like I said, big shoes to fill.

She can move pretty quick if you're not careful!

Good fun for Easter this year. Unfortunately for us, Ellie is really into chocolate (big surprise, given who her mother is). That means she's learning the hard way about sugar crashes...

Coloring some eggs, with Emily, our friends' daughter. Surprisingly, no major stains.

Ellie claims to have found four eggs. Or is it four pieces of chocolate?

Yet another sign that she is her mother's daughter, Ellie loved Honeybaked Ham.

Ellie was just in for her 18 month checkup on Monday. Thankfully, it's her last shots for a while. Seriously, someone's gotta come up with a better way to immunize. Lisa had to leave the room so that I could hold Ellie down for the shots. Painful, and I wasn't the one getting the shots!
She officially gained two pounds in the past three months, which still leaves her off the chart, but at least now her weight is on an arc similar to the bottom percentile. Unfortunately, at 18 pounds, she's still 2 pounds away from turning the car seat around, and her feet are starting to touch the back seat.
Got some ideas for more fun videos and spring pictures should be coming soon too, so stay tuned!