This is what happens when you let Ellie feed herself. More examples later in the week. Thanksgiving was amazingly clean, and Nana and Pa were thankful for that!

Every now and then, some pudding would find its way onto the spoon and into her mouth. But not very often.

But the fun is in the trying after all...

Leg warmers and leotards.

She's a maniac! (click on the picture for the video!)

Ellie loves the bath. When you tell her it's time for a bath and to get her bath toys, she will open up the bathroom cabinet door and get them out and put them in the bath. An unfortunate side effect of this is that she also loves running around half-naked. So we can't resist putting up those pictures!

Look out! She's headed right for us!

Phew! She's going back into the bathroom. Maybe she noticed that she has some toilet paper on her shoe...

Before Halloween at Cousin Colin's, we took a drive up to East Lansing. It's beautiful there in the fall. Not that we're trying to brainwash Ellie already or anything...

Ellie and Dad in front of Beaumont Tower in the center of campus.

That's one big door!

On the path to Beaumont. Yeah, it was a short visit, so we didn't have much time to go anywhere else.

Like I said, fall is beautiful in East Lansing. Leaves everywhere!!!

Our future Honors College student in front of the HC building. No pressure at all.

It was a fine Halloween 2004. We visited Cousin Colin in Michigan, and in spite of it being a little bit nippy, everyone had a good time.

The group gets ready to go. Ellie is the butterfly. Colin is the cow. That's Olivia the ladybug. Adrian is Snow White. Madeline is the fairy princess.

Ellie got tired of trick-or-treating after about two houses, and was content to be pulled in the wagon. Colin had a rare moment here where he wasn't running up to the doors and saying "Moo."

Relaxing after a long night of trick-or-treating. Notice the smeared chocolate on Ellie's face and snowsuit. Yeah, she likes Halloween. She's one of those kids who also doesn't wait to get candy out of the wrapper. She prefers to make a little hole and suck the chocolate out through the hole. Nice and messy.

While we were at a wedding this weekend, Ellie was having lots of fun with Aunt Amy and Z. We were shocked to hear that she conked out at 8:30 that night, and didn't even complain at all.