I've been lagging in getting pictures up. So before Halloween is upon us and we have a boatload more pictures, here's some from Ellie's first visit to a real cider mill (with donuts, of course!).

See how tall she's getting? She really is eating more too, it's just hard to tell.

Ellie going for a hay ride with Momma.

Hey, get back here with that pumpkin!

Ellie decided to do some apple picking.

And of course, the best part of all is the donuts!

Ellie had her first time on the curling ice this weekend, and she took right to it. She really didn't slip at all, and seemed to be okay with it. Lisa reports that someone at the club learned how to skate at 18 months, so it should be long before she's out on the ice learning to skate. We'll wait a little longer before strapping hockey pads on her though.

Out on the ice. She didn't like sitting on the rock though.

That's an old school broom for ya. Ellie is old school, I guess.

Getting early lessons in. Sweep! Hard!!!!

More "art" from the same outing that my personal page's entry came from. This time, they all feature Ellie, of course.


Bath time?