Yeah, I know, I suck. I haven't been very good about getting new pictures up on the web page. But in my defense, Ellie has had a runny nose off and on for a couple of weeks now, and there really haven't been many pictures worth publishing. So, we head back to Ellie's birthday weekend. Ellie is back in music class again, after a summer off. And Uncle John was there during Ellie's birthday to help her brush up on her music skills.

Ellie is concentrating intently on the music.

And here she is playing a few notes.

Ellie is walking all over the place, as many of you know by now. Usually, if she is inside, she just wears her Robeez, which work pretty well. But outside, they don't provide much protection from sticks and stones. So we had been putting on some hand me down shoes. She was really uncoordinated in them though, so we decided maybe they just didn't fit right and took her to Stride Rite to get her own pair. Turns out, she is a size 4.5, and the shoes she had been wearing were a size 2. Note to all future parents out there: if your kid is tripping all over themselves when you transition to shoes, it may not be just the fact that she's getting used to wearing shoes. It also helps if they are the right size!

We got a cool pair of almost retro saddle shoes, which we figure will be good for play and dress up. She loves them and is walking much better now thank you.

Since I was home sick today, I went with Ellie and Lisa to the chiropractor, aka the quack doctor, for Ellie's allergy appointment. It's pretty crazy stuff, but it seems to work somehow. Expensive though, ugh.

Ellie says thanks for all her presents too. She is literally playing with all of them, and I have the sprained ankles to prove it.

Finally, some pictures of Ellie's real first birthday party. Sorry for the delay, but she's had a rough week since she caught a cold, and we parents have had very little sleep!

First, the cake. Ellie was loving being the center of attention in the middle of the carport as everyone looked on.

The pretty ladybug cake, as made by Lisa and Baba. Poor thing never knew what hit it.

Ellie somehow got a hold of a spoon, to give the appearance that she was almost civilized.

Here's more civilized behavior. "Oh waiter, I seem to have made a bit of a mess of my cake."

Nothing civilized here, just perhaps the best post-cake picture ever. Don't worry, she didn't eat that whole cake, just a bit of the ladybug itself. Baba was all worried that the frosting wasn't going to end up being red enough. I think we can all agree it was plenty red.

Can't have a birthday without presents. It's been a while since I had such a pile of loot!

Ellie actually did open quite a few of her own presents. I thnk she was playing to the crowd mostly though. What a ham!

Since Ellie is a whole year old, I've decided to move her page to a new permanent location, since she's no longer a baby. You should have been redirected here from the old site. So update your bookmarks. More pictures from the weekend festivities coming later this week.