Today was our friend Kim's birthday, so we all went out bowling, since that is what we tend to do with Kim. Ironically, Dad's bowling ball weighed about the same as Ellie, plus it was pink!

That's one cool bowling shirt Dad! If I look a little funny smiling, it's because I had 14 pounds in each arm instead of the usual one!

Ellie gets familiar with the bowling ball.

She gets ready to roll...

...and away it goes!

OK, she didn't actually roll it, it just looks that way. But her daddy rolled a 181 and 179. He said Ellie gets to cheer him on any day!

Just some miscellaneous pictures I haven't gotten around to putting up here yet.

Ellie's foot next to a cicada for scale.

Ellie has figured out how to drink out of her sippy cup. And our water bottles. And our glasses. She should be well hydrated!

Taking a bite out of her new favorite: crackers! She does have one teeny little tooth that we just haven't gotten a good picture of yet.

She's still getting the hang of eating crackers though, and most of it ends up on her face instead of in her mouth.

She pretty much sleeps with her butt up in the air all the time. Very cute!

Check out the cicadas on the D's main page.

Ellie's first time on a swing. Only little swings, but she loved it!

Warning! For small children only! I think she's small enough.

So fast, she's only a blur to the camera.

Like I said, she loved it. Wahoo!!!!!

Ellie discovered the art of the pile on during her last visit to Cousin Colin's house.

Everyone pile on Uncle Roger!

The babies declare victory!