Lisa goes for her next and last sonogram tomorrow. Hopefully they will give us some good pictures again for everyone to see.
Saturday is the "East Coast" baby shower. We've been struggling to finish up the guest room in the basement and get the new nursery cleaned out in time for the event, and we're pretty close. A few more things to pick up at Home Depot tonight, and we will be good to go. I'll be putting up a page on my site with before, during, and after pictures, so look for that soon.

OK, here's what you have all been waiting for! The Dauernheim baby pool! Here's a quick run down of the rules. It's $5 to enter. Half of the total collected will go to the Dauernheim baby 529 college fund. The other half goes to the one who racks up the most points by guessing various vital statistics of the birth. Winners are free to donate the winnings to the 529 fund as well 🙂
Download the entry form here.
Entries are due August 10. Good luck!

Back by popular demand, more belly pictures!

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We took a tour of the hospital this weekend, just to get acquainted with the place and what it would be like (and to make sure we go to the right door!). We are hoping that we will get a private post-partum room, since they are first come, first served. It costs a bit more, but it is worth it to not have someone and their family coming in and out of your room...

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This must be getting boring to everyone out there, but we had yet another uneventful doctor's visit. Here's how it went:
"How are you doing?"
"Good, no problems."
"OK, good. Let's listen to the heart." (swishing heartbeat sounds, seemd really fast this time)
"Well, everything seems OK. See you in two weeks!"
It did get a little bit more interesting though...

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I finally got around to making the baby site look all pretty. Now if only I could get around to my own site. I hope you like the new look. And hopefully, it will make it easier for us to update as well. In the coming days, look for updated pictures of Lisa's belly and information on the Baby Pool!

Check out all the fun stuff that happened at the Michigan baby shower.