We had another sonogram appointment today. The good news is that the baby is
looking good. All sizes are normal, and we could see the spine and kidneys,
which was admittedly kind of weird to see. We got another glimpse of the heart
beating, but only for a little while. The little one's head was facing down,
and he/she was feeling a little shy. We saw the little hands fidgeting as the
technician was poking the poor thing around quite a bit. About all we can say
right now is that he/she is my kid. Stubbornly refusing to turn around so we
could see his/her face, or for that matter, whether we have a him or her, if
we wanted to find out. So, Thursday is our next doctor's appointment, and sometime
in the next couple of weeks we'll go back in for another sonogram, since the
technician was unable to get any good shots of the heart, and no more new ones
for us to take home (sorry about that).