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Switch It Up

For better or for worse, I officially moved the blog to WordPress.  Feel free to comment, because you (hopefully) can. Update: It's worse apparently, for now.  Seems that all the images and videos are not resolving like I thought they would be, so I've got some fixing to do.  Sorry about that. Update 2: I […]

The New Place

Welcome to the new edition of The D's!  Let me know if you have any problems.  I'm already trying to fix the aggregator that is supposed to be feeding this page and was not mixing the various blogs in correctly.  Very frustrating.


Merry Christmas!

A minor Christmas miracle allowed this picture to be taken earlier today. Merry Christmas everyone!


Sudip on CNN

Good news!

Sudip has moved

What’s old is new

Site change

Since Ellie is a whole year old, I've decided to move her page to a new permanent location, since she's no longer a baby. You can check it out here. So update your bookmarks. More pictures from the weekend festivities coming later this week.

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