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Rest in Peace, Max Dauernheim

We first met Max at an adoption event at a pet store in DC. I don't even remember why we were downtown, or why we decided to stop in to this particular pet store on this particular day. But there we were, and there we met the little fur ball that has been a big […]

Halloween 2010

Hey, it's not even a month late, give me a break! Anyway, on with the pictures! As usual, we headed to the zoo the week before Halloween for "Boo at the Zoo." Even Lisa got into the act. The kids tried out what it was like to sleep like the gorillas. The next week, Evan […]

Our New Family Pastime

Our new iPhones have opened up a new activity for our family: geocaching! From the official site description: Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunting game played throughout the world by adventure seekers equipped with GPS devices. The basic idea is to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, outdoors and then share your experiences online. So far, […]

Trying Canning

We're trying something new around the DC D's household: canning! It's something we've been thinking about doing for a while, but never really had the guts to try to figure it out. We figured that with CSA season quickly approaching, we had better start learning. With that, we bought about 5 pounds of strawberries from […]

We Bought a Madsen

Yesterday was my birthday. Lisa and I agreed a few weeks ago that our gift to each other (her birthday is April 24th) would be the long coveted Madsen bucket bike. The bikes sell directly from Madsen for $1299, plus $150 shipping. They also sell "dinged" models for $999 plus shipping. I looked around a […]


Seriously, this is getting ridiculous. I barely have the time to put up pictures from the last snowstorm, and we're ready to get another one today! Sheesh! At any rate, enjoy these ones, and you can check out all the photos on our Picasa web album, including some videos that I wasn't sure how to […]

Farewell, Tai Shan

On Saturday, we headed out in the unexpected Snowpocalypse to bid farewell to the National Zoo's four-year-old panda, Tai Shan, aka "Butterstick." We first met him way back in December of 2005, and we've been back several times since then. The zoo's arrangement with China allowed for any babies to stay for two years, but […]

Christmas 2009

Well, it's February, so what better time to relive Christmas 2009? Hey, I'm working on getting pictures up more quickly, give me a break! The striped kids, ready to open presents on Christmas Eve! Let the carnage begin! Evan only got a toy motorcycle on Christmas Eve, Santa brought his "real" red motorcycle for Christmas. […]

Ireland 2009, Part Five: Dublin

The last stop on our long and winding trip through Ireland was Dublin. It was a long drive from Bushmills, but we made it there just in time for tea again. Evan enjoyed eating the jam straight with a spoon. And Ellie had a cookie as big as her head! It was a bit of […]

Ireland 2009, Part Four: The North, Continued

Continuing our drive northward, we left Donegal behind and headed to Inishowen. Along the way, we stopped at Glenveagh National Park, site of a quite beautiful castle, even if the guy who built it wasn't so nice. The castle, and its pool, which used to be heated. Lisa was ready to move in to the […]

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