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Seriously, this is getting ridiculous. I barely have the time to put up pictures from the last snowstorm, and we're ready to get another one today! Sheesh! At any rate, enjoy these ones, and you can check out all the photos on our Picasa web album, including some videos that I wasn't sure how to […]

Farewell, Tai Shan

On Saturday, we headed out in the unexpected Snowpocalypse to bid farewell to the National Zoo's four-year-old panda, Tai Shan, aka "Butterstick." We first met him way back in December of 2005, and we've been back several times since then. The zoo's arrangement with China allowed for any babies to stay for two years, but […]

Christmas 2009

Well, it's February, so what better time to relive Christmas 2009? Hey, I'm working on getting pictures up more quickly, give me a break! The striped kids, ready to open presents on Christmas Eve! Let the carnage begin! Evan only got a toy motorcycle on Christmas Eve, Santa brought his "real" red motorcycle for Christmas. […]