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Ireland 2009, Part Five: Dublin

The last stop on our long and winding trip through Ireland was Dublin. It was a long drive from Bushmills, but we made it there just in time for tea again. Evan enjoyed eating the jam straight with a spoon. And Ellie had a cookie as big as her head! It was a bit of […]

Ireland 2009, Part Four: The North, Continued

Continuing our drive northward, we left Donegal behind and headed to Inishowen. Along the way, we stopped at Glenveagh National Park, site of a quite beautiful castle, even if the guy who built it wasn't so nice. The castle, and its pool, which used to be heated. Lisa was ready to move in to the […]

Ireland 2009, Part Three: The North

After Galway, it was time to head up to dear old Donegal. We stayed at a cozy little B&B just outside of the town, and our hosts were just the prototypical Irish B&B owners. The gentleman owned a store in town that sold all sorts of wool products (we bought new winter hats for the […]

Ireland 2009, Part Two: Galway

After leaving Doolin, we drove up to Galway. A bit of a contrast, since Doolin was tiny, barely even a town. But it had a pub, so I guess that qualifies as a town. Galway is a small city though, and it's thanks to that fact that I got to watch my Spartans play in […]

Ireland 2009, Part One

After the biggest lapse in 2009, forgetting to post about Ireland, I figured I should probably make up for it, and how better than to actually do the long awaited Ireland blog post? So without further ado, here it is. After the long flight across the Atlantic, the kids munch on, what else? Chocolate croissants. […]

The Blizzard of ’09

When we woke up Saturday morning, there was already a good layer of snow on the ground. In DC, this is about all we usually get from a good snowstorm. This one, however, was just getting underway. Evan's unique way of "helping": mowing the already plowed path. If only his lawnmower was a snowblower.... Ellie […]